Tuesday, 3 May 2011

So I'm leaving on a jet plane...TO AFRICA!

Hey Everyone!

So the day has arrived! I am leaving!! I have 6 hours until I need at Pearson (the international airport in Toronto) and I still haven't finished packing yet! (I'm all about last minute things). I am attempting to blog about my trip, however, I am not bring a computer with me as internet connection will be limited over there. Regardless, I will be journal so I can remember all the cool stuff I did and update this blog after I get back.

Here is my travel itinerary for the day:
-leave Toronto at 6:50pm
-arrive in London at 7:00am
-meet up with the rest of my classmates in the Nairobi airport (I have a 3 hour over in London... maybe i'll see William & Kate?!)
-leave for Nairobi at 10:30am
-arrive in Nairobi at 9:00pm

I am running off of no sleep, and am hoping to find a little coffee shop in the London airport.

I'll post an update itinerary of my trip in a bit, I just need to go and buy some last-minute things for the trip!

Beyond excited,