Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Jetlag and Giraffes

After 17 long hours of flying, we finally arrived in Niarobi, Kenya. I am so glad to finally be here, because in the last couple hours of the flight to Nairobi, I wanted to jump out of the plane I was so sick of sitting. I met upt with the rest of my friends in London, who had all stayed overnight in the city. We arrived at the airport (named after one of the past presidents that i can't pronounce) and proceeded to get our visas. All of our luggage arrived without any problems, and w proceeded to load ourselves and luggage into a bus. Since Kenya is widely based on the \british system, they drive on the wrong side of the road, which was a rather frightening expereince. \there is also a huge fuel shortage in \kenya, so it is not uncommon to see cars stranded on the side of the road. As we drove out of the airport, there were advertisments everywhere - kind of felt like new york city. we also past a national park, where elephants and lions were only separated from the highway  by a metal fence. We arrived at the hotel, which is gorgous. One of the staff greeted us with hot lemon towels and tropical juice-delish! \sidenote: the juice here is amazing! it probably has to do with the fruit, because everything here is so lush and green. |Defs the best juice i have ever had. \we had a buffet breakfast this tomorrow (delishous) and i was so tempted to have a muffin! i refrained, reminding myself that I did not want to spend the afternoon by the toilet (which is a problem, considering the one in our hotel room does not flush!) \in 20 mins, we have a briefing of the day, and are headed into town to do some shopping anf banking. \The we are going to a national park to see giraffes - so excited! \the weather here is cool and rainy, just like good old vancouver.

I apologize as this post will probably not make a lot of sense as I am still extremely tired and am not feeling the greatest. \more cool info will come.

all the best,


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  1. Hang in there Mary. You'll soon start to feel like your old self.

    What an adventure you have undertaken. Keep up the blogs whenever you can. They are great.

    Love Auntie Kate xo