Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Just touched down in London town!

Well folks, step one of the journey is complete! I made it to London, England without too many hiccups. By geroge, typing on this crazy euro keyboard is quite the challenge! The flight from Toronto to London was late by about 45mins. I made the mistake of not getting up once during this flight. However, I met a nice dude named Jimmy from Niagra Falls who I chatted with for the duration of the flight. I am not used to travelling internationally, because it was such a suprise to get two free meals - score! Then again, it is airplane food. I was also very impressed with British Airways as they give you a free blanket, pillow and earphones-sweeeet! I watched about three movies during the flight, caught some shut eye and did some reading on a guide book for Kenya. Overall flight grade: A-

People watching the London airport is spectactular. You have the fancy, business class dressed to the nines and then travellers that look like death (aka myself) from getting off of such a long flight. I must say, british adolescences are hilarious. I really need to come and see London again. Did i mention that it is sunny? Such a rare occurance for dear ol' England.

One more flight to go!


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