Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The itinerary

May 4-12: Nairobi, Kenya (the capital city of Kenya)

May 9-10: Masai Mara (going on a safari! lions, tigers and bears-oh my!)

May 13-14: Kisumu (another major city in Kenya)

May 15-17: Muhanda, North of Lake Victoria (we will be staying at our professor's house during this time)

May 18-20: travelling to Uganda! (to Mbale, to be exact)

May 21: Jinja

May 22: Mpigi, South of Kampala

May 23-24: Kampala

May 25: depart from Entebbe, Uganda

I will be travelling back through London and then before I know, I'll be back in Canada! I realize I forgot to explain what exactly I am doing over there-- I am going on a travel study through my university. I will be taking two classes while I am there (economics and communications), touring and working on a water filtration project, visiting orphanages and other things that I have yet to know about! I have kind of been out of the loop as I have just finished exams, flew home to Toronto, packed, repacked and am getting back on the plane. Seriously, I really think I should live at YYZ (toronto international airport).

....I still need to go shopping to get those last-minute things. I should probably get on that!

Counting down!


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